State of the Blog Address

So, seeing as my blog has hit 1000 views, I thought now would be an appropriate time as any to write a kind of “state of the nation” blog post. When I started this blog (quite unbelievably) some 5 months ago, I wasn’t too sure what I expected from it, or what I’d thought it would become. The idea came about one afternoon when I was at university and realised that I really wanted to do something with the spa time I had. From a young age, I’d always had an interest in journalism, which led to me writing for for a while, writing game reviews. I knew I wanted to start writing again, leading to the idea of a blog, but then what about its content? I’ve always been fascinated with photography, without ever really having too much knowledge of the subject area. In my opinion, a fantastic photo can be amongst the greatest art the eye can behold. Nothing can capture the moment quite like a photograph, and under the right photographer, with the right eye and equipment, the results can be phenomenal, whether it’s just a beautiful night shot of a famous skyline, or a photo taken at a perfect time such as incredible wildlife photographs. A photo is almost unique in being able to convey any and every human emotion through a static image, it’s almost magical. At the time, I had (and still have), a mediocre bridge camera, nothing special, but certainly not as poor as a standard point and shoot. And so, this blog was born.

Since then, my passion for photographer has grown more than I could have imagined, from trips to London, Durham and Tenerife, to night time shoots in Liverpool, there’s something wonderful about just capturing that one perfect photo that makes the trip worthwhile. I absolutely love going out and taking photos, and exploring areas off the beaten track to search for the elusive photo that someone else hasn’t taken/considered. I’ve learnt on these trips, especially the London one, that the photo you take and may think is the best, may be bettered by another, more unexpected one. For example, I thought at the time, that my best ones taken in London were of Tower Bridge, however when I had a look at them on my iPad, I quickly discovered that actually my best one (in my opinion) that I took was actually one of Westminster Pier, which is the cover photo for the album.

I’ve also learnt that I should be writing more here. Rather than only updating when I have new photos, I should be updating with my thoughts on photography in general, whether it’s photos or photographers that have caught my eye, or just general ideas about things.

In a sort of celebration for my site reaching 1000 views, I’ve given it quite a major upgrade, with a new, hopefully cleaner design, the ability to link and share with more services, rate each post and page, as well as a facility to sign up for an email subscription to the site, which I encourage you all to do, and would hugely appreciate.

Now, where next? I’m hoping to make a purchase of a more serious DSLR soon, currently deciding between the Canon 550D and 600D, depending on what I can get for what price. After that, I can properly begin to pursue my goal of selling my first photo. So far, have rejected my applications to publish my photos on there to sell, but hopefully a decent camera rig will provide photos of the quality they expect. That is ultimately where I’d like this to all end up, selling photos to people who appreciate what a good photograph is.

So really, having rambled on for almost 700 words, I suppose this is the start of Oliver Banks Photography 2.0, a better, bigger blog.




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