Social Networks and other updates

So this weekend I went a little social network crazy, adding a whole host of other ways in which to either support my photography (which I hope you will), or simply contact me with ideas/requests/thoughts, anything and everything.

Twitter: @OB_Photography

Facebook: Oliver Banks Photography (or click the like box on the right of this page)

Instagram: OliverBanks

Google+: Oliver Banks


It never ceases to amaze me as well, the ways in which people manage to find my website. For example, site stats yesterday (31st July 2011) showed that my website was found through Google Russia by someone searching for Liverpool city centre.

Thanks also to my first ever email subscriber, really means a lot to have someone who is that interested. I obviously won’t reveal their details on here, but if you’re reading this from an email link, it’s most probably you.

Finally, I’m looking a getting a logo designed for my photos to use as a watermark. I have some current designs, but it really isn’t my strong suit, so anyone who can, please give me a shout.



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