New Photos Added – Amsterdam, September 2012

Vastly, vastly overdue, I’ve finally managed to upload some photos I took when visiting Amsterdam last September. I was bathed in sunlight for the entire weekend, and so couldn’t have really asked for better conditions, allowing me to take photos with a very quick shutter speed, great for taking photos on the move in a city. All photos taken with my 600D using the Tamron 18-200mm lens.

Amsterdam was incredible, and instantly made it into the list of my favourite cities in the world, it’s just so laid back it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, the photos are here, so please, please take a look, comment on your favourites etc etc.

Although I always do say I should be back with more photos soon, I genuinely mean that this time. I’ve got photos from Berlin to upload, Crosby (Liverpool) and I’m shortly going away to Malaga, so the content should be coming thick and fast.

Finally, please check out my other website here. That one is more of a journalistic, editorial website, full of opinion pieces on things that have interested me.






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