New Photos Added: Berlin, February 2013

As promised, here is more of the backlog of content I’ve been needing to upload.

So last month a group of us went to Berlin to celebrate a friends 21st Birthday. I was once again quite lucky with the weather. Despite it being bitterly cold all weekend, (-6 degrees celsius at best), an earlier snowfall remained, giving a sort of wintry feeling to the shots I managed to take. All the photos you will see were taken with my 600D using the trusty Tamron 18-200mm. We managed to fit in enough time to do some of the more ‘touristy’ things in Berlin, so what you’ll see are photos of the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Olympic Stadium and Berlin Zoo (which I highly, highly recommend). I cannot compliment Berlin enough, it’s diverse (due to the previous divide), cool, cultural but also a city where a party can last days, not just hours…

The photos are here, so please take a few minutes out of your day to have a look at them.

There’s still more photos to come, but I’m busier than normal over the next couple of weeks, so it may be a week or two before the next batch.

Thanks for the support,



New Photos Added – Amsterdam, September 2012

Vastly, vastly overdue, I’ve finally managed to upload some photos I took when visiting Amsterdam last September. I was bathed in sunlight for the entire weekend, and so couldn’t have really asked for better conditions, allowing me to take photos with a very quick shutter speed, great for taking photos on the move in a city. All photos taken with my 600D using the Tamron 18-200mm lens.

Amsterdam was incredible, and instantly made it into the list of my favourite cities in the world, it’s just so laid back it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, the photos are here, so please, please take a look, comment on your favourites etc etc.

Although I always do say I should be back with more photos soon, I genuinely mean that this time. I’ve got photos from Berlin to upload, Crosby (Liverpool) and I’m shortly going away to Malaga, so the content should be coming thick and fast.

Finally, please check out my other website here. That one is more of a journalistic, editorial website, full of opinion pieces on things that have interested me.





Big News – 500px

So, got some – relatively – big news today: I finally, finally have a way to sell my photos!

500px is a website that allows photographers to set up their own portfolio, as well as photo libraries, with the added option of allowing people to buy the photos. They can be bought in one of two ways: 1. As a digital download of the file, costing $2.99, or 2. as a canvas that they will have made for you.

I’ve set up my own account there, so if you do want to buy any of my photos that you have seen, then you can now purchase them! (which I would hugely appreciate).

On an aside note, it’s getting worryingly close to my exam period at University now, so photography opportunities are going to be few and far between. Hopefully there’ll be chances, but a may be a month or two before this site gets any new content.



New Photos Added – Liverpool 18.03.2012

The weather in Liverpool this Sunday was absolutely beautiful, one of those crisp, sunny Spring days. Despite it being Mother’s Day (sorry mum!) and after a full day of drinking for St Patrick’s, I managed to make it out and take advantage of the weather by taking some photos. All these photos were taken on my 600D, and feature St George’s Hall, St Johns Gardens, the Albert Docks, as well as the Cunard and Liver buildings, and the new Museum of Liverpool. The photos can be viewed here.

Thanks for looking,


New Photos Added: A Coca-Cola Christmas and Manchester

Yet again, I’ve taken far too long to upload some photos that I’ve taken, but at least this time I’ve uploaded two albums worth!

The first date back to December when Coca-Cola’s now infamous “Holidays are coming” truck visited Liverpool One. The big kid in me was far too excited about this, so I had to go and take some photos. They were all taken with my 600D, and I used the event as an opportunity to test a lot of the filters the Canon has onboard. The results can be viewed here.

The second set of photos came from an opportunistic mini shoot I got to do in Manchester, when on a random Sunday in February, the weather was beautiful for taking photos. I had an hour off work, and managed to head down Deansgate taking a few pictures. These can be seen here.

As an aside, the web adress for the site has been altered, to the far less egotistical

Hopefully I’ll get some more photos taken soon.


New Photos Added: Liverpool Cathedral – 29.09.2011

I’ve finally gotten round to uploading some photos I managed to take in September of the Liverpool Anglican cathedral. Although not the tallest building in Liverpool, because of the hill it is situated on, it actually provides the highest vantage point in the city. It’s possible to go up to the very top on the tower, giving you panoramic views of Liverpool and its surrounding areas. All photos were taken with my Canon 600D, using the standard kit lens. You can see them here.

New Photos Added: Liverpool on the Waterfront Festival – September 2011

First of all, apologies that these photos have taken so long to upload. The reason why is both long and uninteresting.

Liverpool on the Waterfront Festival took place in September of this year, and began with the Queen Elizabeth cruiser liner being docked in Liverpool, and ended with the Queen Mary 2 being docked. Here are my photos taken from the festival, using both my Canon 600D, and my smaller Fuji bridge camera. The photos can be viewed here.

Going to be uploading more photos over the newt few days, so keep an eye out.


New Photos Added – London – 29/30.08.2011

After my trip to the Notting Hill Carnival, I of course had to take some photos in and around London. As happened in February, the weather wasn’t great, with it being a slightly grey, overcast day, not particularly helping the light for my photos. I was using this shoot as almost a comparative exercise, comparing the shots of London my old Fuji was able to take compared to my new Canon. However, with London ramping up its 2012 preparations, some of the ionic landmarks were covered up, such as Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. Nevertheless, I still managed to get some photos which you can see here.

New Photos Added – Notting Hill Carnival 2011

After my visit to Scarborough, I took my first ever trip to the world-famous Notting Hill carnival in London. The Carnival was spread over two days, Sunday the 28th (Children’s Day), and Monday the 29th (Adults’ Day). I was only there for Adults’ Day. The Carnival is an explosion of colour, music, dancing, food and alcohol. Literally the entirety of Notting Hill is taken over, with the main parade going round the edges of the area, and the streets within it filled with people selling jerk chicken, pork, patties, goat, alcohol, as well as performers, some playing reggae music, some dub step, rap etc.

The photos were taken with my Fujifilm FinePix S2500HD, not my Canon, and although the composition isn’t perhaps as perfect as I’d normally like, I do believe the pictures convey the organised chaos that is the Carnival.

The photographs I took there have been added to their own page, which you can find by hovering on the ‘Gallery’ button, or simply click here.

New Photos Added – Scarborough, August Bank Holiday 2011

As part of the things I got up to on August Bank Holiday this past weekend, I took a trip with the family to my hometown of Scarborough. I have now added he photos I took to their own gallery page here.  These photos are somewhat significant in that they are the first taken with my new Canon 600D/Rebel T3i. The photos cover the entirety of Scarborough’s foreshore, from the Castle at the northern end,  all the way to the Spa building at the southern end. Photos were mostly taken with the 18-55mm Kit lens, but some were also taken with a Canon ET-74 70-200mm f/4L USM lens.

I’m still getting used to the ins and outs of the new camera, and hopefully from here on out, the quality of photos taken on it will steadily increase, as I learn to better manipulate the camera. In the coming days, I’ll be doing a quick post about the camera, and my thoughts on it.

Also, keep a look out over the course of the week, as I’ll be uploading photos of my trips to Notting Hill Carnival and London.