New Photos Added: Berlin, February 2013

As promised, here is more of the backlog of content I’ve been needing to upload.

So last month a group of us went to Berlin to celebrate a friends 21st Birthday. I was once again quite lucky with the weather. Despite it being bitterly cold all weekend, (-6 degrees celsius at best), an earlier snowfall remained, giving a sort of wintry feeling to the shots I managed to take. All the photos you will see were taken with my 600D using the trusty Tamron 18-200mm. We managed to fit in enough time to do some of the more ‘touristy’ things in Berlin, so what you’ll see are photos of the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Olympic Stadium and Berlin Zoo (which I highly, highly recommend). I cannot compliment Berlin enough, it’s diverse (due to the previous divide), cool, cultural but also a city where a party can last days, not just hours…

The photos are here, so please take a few minutes out of your day to have a look at them.

There’s still more photos to come, but I’m busier than normal over the next couple of weeks, so it may be a week or two before the next batch.

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New Photos Added – Liverpool 18.03.2012

The weather in Liverpool this Sunday was absolutely beautiful, one of those crisp, sunny Spring days. Despite it being Mother’s Day (sorry mum!) and after a full day of drinking for St Patrick’s, I managed to make it out and take advantage of the weather by taking some photos. All these photos were taken on my 600D, and feature St George’s Hall, St Johns Gardens, the Albert Docks, as well as the Cunard and Liver buildings, and the new Museum of Liverpool. The photos can be viewed here.

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